Q: Where do I watch YongSeo and Khuntoria WGM?
A: There is two tab, each for one couple’s episode.

Q: I want to request photo. How can I request it?
A: Either at our Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube page, anywhere. Just state what you want properly.

Q: When are you gonna upload ____?
A : Please be patient as we need time and permission in order to borrow the videos and put here.

Q: Where do I buy products like their bag, shirt, jackets and etc.?
A: We can’t promise you if it’s on sale but if you are a Singaporean or is in Singapore, you can try going to Comic Connection. I bought a pencil box from them just for $4.00 plus!

Q: Can you advertise my channel or etc.?
A: Sorry, to say, we can only promote those who have a YouTube account or Twitter. Having Facebook is not an option.

Q: Can you help me do a banner for my blog?
A: Yes, we can. We have trained graphic designer who is ready to help you design anything. Just a comment below, it will be ready in a few days (Or minutes)!

Q: Are all your videos in your YouTube channel uploaded to here?
A: No, as the connection is slow and many users are using, we only upload important videos to here.

Q: Can you help us send message to the girls?
A: To say, we can’t. We can but we have no contact info of them, that’s impossible to do it unless you have a UFO Call account.

Q: Can you call the girls to come to our country?
A: Sorry but we can’t disturb them and we also need their permission in order to do this so, we don’t want to get into any trouble with SM Entertainment.

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