‘Khuntoria Couple’ to end their stint on ‘We Got Married’?

For more than a year, 2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)‘s Victoria have received much love as the ‘Khuntoria Couple‘, but their time on the popular show ‘We Got Married‘ may be coming to an end.  Rumors have popped up stating that the couple will soon be ending their run on the hit show.

The most recent spate of rumors stemmed from the last night’s preview of next week’s episode, where the two of them received a mission that had the curious subtitle, “a mission from out of the blue”.

The MBC faux-marriage program currently stars four couples – other than the Nichkhun-Victoria pairing, the show also features the EunjungJang Woo couple, the Kwon Ri SaeDavid Oh couple, and theKim Won JoonPark So Hyun couple. Due to the relatively large number of couples on the show, the program has had a hard time balancing the amount of time slotted for each pair.

As idols, the two also have busy schedules to digest on top of their ‘We Got Married’ activities. Although Nichkhun claimed that “We will continue our married life into the future” some time ago, it remains to be seen whether he can keep his promise: 2PM has started pan-Asian activities and their schedule remains packed until December. f(x) is also scheduled to be ramping up their group activities on the tail of their “Hot Summer” success.

Netizen opinion seems to be divided on the subject. While some bemoaned this rumor, saying “What will I live for when I can’t see Khuntoria anymore”, others were of the opinion that they had shown enough, saying “They showed everything they could, so it’s not a bad idea to end their run on the show”.

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