Girls Envy Yuri’s Petite & Cute Face!

From August 1st to August 9th, a plastic surgery specialist clinic in Apgujeong conducted a survey among university students , entitled ‘Which female celebrity possesses the cute and most sought-after facial feature in the entertainment world?”.

In this survey, Yuri took the no.1 spot.In this survey, participated by a total of 421 university students (both male and female), 194 (46%) voted in favor of Yuri who has a sharp facial feature and well-proportioned face line, which is much envied by female students. Kim SaRang came in 2nd with 105 votes (24.9%), followed by Soshi’s maknae, Seohyun in 3rd with 102 votes (24.2%).

The chief of the specialist clinic said, “From the result of the survey, it seems that the male students showed a very high interest in Yuri, Kim SaRang and Seohyun who possess cute and small faces. Female students also love to have the soft (soft-like-milk impression) and well-defined facial feature that Yuri has.”

The chief continued, “The new trend of ‘Wooyooneo’ (a term to describe females with the superior genes) is on the rise and the reason for the rise of the trend is linked to the increase in preference for the socially-favored type of image.

The result of the survey showed that both the male and female university students’ preference of faces resembling Yuri, Kim SaRang and Seohyun was consistent.

The reason that attracted my interest was that having these type of faces might be helpful to them during job interviews.”

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