Girls’ Generation: Sunny Became A Grandmother?!

Greeny’s son has been named! 

김호상 PD@cleanmountain
김호상 PD

푸름이 아들 이름 <순딩이>로 결정!.써니가 순규를 따서 정했구요. 보내주신 맑음이,하늘이,순돌이 등 의견 감사^^ 써니가 인사말 전해왔어요 “여전히 청불을 잊지않고 기억해주시는 분들께 감사드리고, 우리 푸름이 고생했다. 청춘불패 짱!”

Earlier today, Kim Ho Sang PD revealed in a tweet that Greeny’s son has been given the name Soon Ding 순딩 (which means ‘innocent baby’). In addition to that, Kim PD also mentioned that Sunny left the following message:

I’m thankful to all who have not forgotten Invincible Youth. Our Greeny has gone through a lot of hardship. Invincible Youth Jjang!

Isn’t it cute how the first portion of the calf’s name was given after Sunny’s? Soon Kyu – Soon Ding. :D



No no… not because she can catch a chicken as if she’s had 70 years of experience….

but because….



For those who followed ‘Invincible Youth’, you would know that Greeny the cow, aka Pureum, was placed in the care of our very own SunnyBunny after she won 51% ownership through a game.

Ever since the pair’s teary farewell upon Sunny’s departure from the show,

we haven’t heard much about Greeny.

The PD who was in charge of ‘Invincible Youth’ updated his twitter with the good news.

On May 7th (Saturday), Greeny gave birth to a healthy baby cow. Wanggoo (a familiar presence on the show) assumed the role of a midwife and personally attended to the delivery. He reported the good news himself. Please give Greeny’s son a pretty name.”

Well, since “Sunny” is a unisex name….

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