Girls’ Generation: Fans Love Yoona!

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona’s fans celebrate her birthday. Two fancafes, “CISTUS” and “Smile Yoona”, celebrated Yoona’s 22nd birthday by collaborating to put an ad in today’s edition of a Korean newspaper.

When Girls’ Generation performs on stage, Yoona is usually in the middle, earning her the names “Center Yoona” and “Girls’ Generation’s Face”. In the ad, the fans wrote “Your eyes are similar, your neck is long and slender,” comparing Yoona to a deer, another nickname that fans have called her.

Last Saturday on the 28th, “CISTUS” and “Smile Yoona” members volunteered at the Chungbook branch for the Children’s Foundation, doing outdoor activities with the disabled people. “CISTUS” has also been donating under Yoona’s name on a regular basis.

Donations and volunteer activities by Girls’ Generation’s fancafes have occurred regularly in celebration of each member’s birthday. The fans have moved on from the first level of fandom of simply going wild for their idols. They are taking the lead in a second level of the fandom by raising the status of their idols through activites contributing to society.

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