Girls’ Generation: What?

Just a quick update; Jessica’s upcoming OST track for KBS’s drama, Romance Town, is going to be released on the 18th–about 2 days from today. The song is titled 눈물이 넘쳐서 (not sure what the exact English translated title is, but google translated it to ‘Tears Overflow’ or ‘Filled With Tears’).

The track will be part of the drama’s OST part 2. I believe this is her first solo OST track.

Tweet from Yurui912 regarding the release:

Yurui (LovAEnAi)@Yurui912
Yurui (LovAEnAi)

【 Girls’ Generation 】The title of Jessica’s new song(KBS『Romance Town』OST) is「눈물이 넘쳐서」. It’ll be released on May 18. #snsd #sone

If anyone knows the exact English translated title, please don’t hesitate to share. If it is similar to ‘Tears Overflow’, does that mean it’ll be a ballad/slow type of song?

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