Others: Khuntoria Out On Attack!

The Hottest couple in town have been chosen to make your day’s hotter this summer!

Everland has just revealed that Victoria and Nichkhun were chosen as this year’s Carribean Bay models!  And if that wasn’t hot enough for you they also added that the 2PM brother-in-laws were chosen as well.

Here are WithEverland’s tweets…

Figure out the Caribbean Bay’s models~! I’m releasing the answer. ^^ The answer is… Many of you guess correctly~~ The beautiful couple, Nichkhun and Victoria~! I’m letting you guys know first~.

One more bonus news~! This year’s Caribbean Bay CF will be with Nichkhun, Victoria, and the wonderful 2PM~!! I’m already waiting for the start of the CF filming?!”

It’s promising to be a lot of fun with Victoria, Nichkhun and the rest of 2PM for Carribean Bay this year! Aren’t you excited?

Last year was a blast with SNSD and 2PM as Carribean Bay endorsers, for a refresher here are some links from last years ads and promotions.

Check out the links below.
SNSD Carribean Bay Wallpapers
SNSD & 2PM Carribean Bay Web Pics
SNSD & 2PM Carribean Bay Pictures

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