Girls’ Generation: Want A Taxi To Japan? Call For One Now!

So, the much awaited 3rd Japanese Single is coming our way after all. Rumors started to surface since a week ago that the girls 3rd Japanese Single entitled ‘Mr. Taxi’ will be released on April 13th and ‘Mr. Taxi’ is also rumored to be the CM/CF song for Lipton Tea. It seems that the rumor about the 3rd single ‘Mr. Taxi’ is coming true as the jacket image for the Limited Edition was revealed and widely shared on various sites.

SONEs are definitely in for a ride as the girls will also be having their first nationwide tour in Japan in May. ‘The 1st Japan Arena Tour’ will kick off starting May 18th in Tokyo, followed by Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. There will be a total of 7 concerts in this tour and looks like Yuri’s dream to have a nationwide tour in Japan is coming true as well. In fact, Yuri had mentioned a couple of times on TV shows that she wanted to perform in various places in Japan together with the girls. Perhaps, she was hinting about the tour all this while.

So, what are we waiting for? Get ready to pay the taxi fare, i guess!

Update 1: First Press Limited Edition jacket image and 1st Japan Arena Tour Schedule released

First Press Limited Edition jacket image:

1st Japan Arena Tour Schedule and Venue:

May 18th and 19th – Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium (Capacity – 13,700)
May 21st and 22nd – AichiㆍNagoya – Nippon Gaishi Hall (Capacity – 10,000)
May 24th and 25th – Osaka-jo Hall (Capacity – 16,000)
May 28th – Marinemesse Fukuoka (Capacity – 11,000)

Ticket reservation can be made starting March 11th.

UPDATE 2: ‘Run Devil Run/Mr.Taxi’ Album Details

Release Date: April 13th
Price: 1800 Yen (First Press Limited Edition), 1500 Yen (Limited Edition), 1100 Yen (Regular Edition)
Record Label: Nayutawave Records


1. Mr. Taxi
2. Run Devil Run

DVD Contents:

1. Run Devil Run MV (First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition ONLY)
2. Run Devil Run (Dance Version) MV (First Press Limited Edition ONLY)


1. Photobook (For First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition ONLY. For these two versions, the photobooks will be different).
2. Trading Card (First Press Limited Edition and Limited Edition ONLY).

UPDATE 3: Pre-order is now available!

The much awaited moment has arrived! You can now pre-order your copy of SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single ‘Mr.Taxi‘ HERE!


UPDATE 4: Postponement of 1st Japan Arena Tour

The scheduled 1st Japan Arena Tour concert dates have been revised and 3 additional concerts were added to the original schedule. The new revised schedule looks like this:

Osaka – May 31st and June 1st

Tokyo – June 17th and June 18th

Nagoya – July 6th and July 7th

Fukuoka – July 17th

The 3 newly added concerts are:

Saitama – June 4th and June 5th

Hiroshima – July 2nd

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