Others: Victoria Special ‘Thanks To’?

Want to have peak on f(x) thanks to page? Today, we are going to look at Victoria’s one! For a sweet and kind girl like her, we will expect her to thanks her ‘husband’, right? And, yes she did! Here is the translate plus the original photo of her thanks to page!

– Finally, f(x)’s first album has come out. To begin with, thank you to my family that has always silently supported me – Father, Mother, don’t worry about me. family who has always silently supported me. As long as you are healthy, then I am at ease. (Her thanks to her parents is in Chinese)
– My beloved members, Amber, Luna, Sulli, and Krystal, you’ve all done so well. This time, let’s do even better. The 5 of us standing on stage together—I am truly so happy! Asia’s top pop dance group, fighting! 1, 2, 3 f(x)!
– The one who is fond but strict and has helped build us up so well, Lee Soo Man-teacher, thank you so much.
– The one who always carries a smile, the handsome Kim Young Min president, thank you so much.
– And to the handsome manager-oppas…thank you.
– Hallyu Wave’s extraordinarily kind-hearted Kangta-oppa
– BoA who will always be the number 1 top star.
– Top star Yunho-oppa, the kind-hearted (good and honest) man.
– Whenever I run into troubles, the one who always gives me supportive and sincere advice, my friendChangmin
– The top Asian stars Super Junior-sunbaenim
– And also the handsome dance singer, Kyuhyun-“oppa” (Yes, the “oppa” is actually in quotes on the actual thanks to)
– The one who has always supported me, the closest (like family) Zhoumi
– Also to those who have given sincere advice, SNSD-sumbaenim
– The sparkling/shining SHINee-sumbaenim
– Minho who comes from an athletic background,
– Also Jonghyun, whose leg injury must quickly get better,
– “Fashionable/Fashion-star” Key,
– The always hilarious Onew,
– And the one who has become a handsome man, Taemin!
– To all the sunbaenim, thank you so much!
– And to the one who has always taken care of me (given me so much care) and looked after me, Nichkhun-ssi, thank you.
– Finally, thank you to all those fans who have given support to and treasured f(x) and Victoria, thank you so much. With the thanks from my heart, I will try harder to do well!

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