Girls’ Generation: Sunny Is Our Hero!

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Chinese fans are praising Sunny’s bold actions.

Girls’ Generation performed at the Lotte World Ice Rink yesterday for the Angel Price Music Festival. The girls were performing the first song, ‘Run Devil Run’ when a man appeared on stage and grabbed Taeyeon offstage.

Since then, the recorded incident has spread through the internet. Girls’ Generation fans in one Chinese online community website praised Sunny’s courageous acts which helped to stop Taeyeon from being dragged away.

The image of a created character titled ‘Sunny the Supergirl’ in particular attracted the attention of many. The phrase ‘Thank you, Lee Sunkyu. You are our hero’ was inserted and Sunny emerged as a new hero.

Netizens commented that “Taeyeon has a great bodyguard!” and “Girls’ Generation’s bodyguard! It’s such a relief to have Sunny there”, praising Sunny’s courageous act.

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