Girls’ Generation: CHI CHI Thinks That Our Girls Are Their Role Models!

On the interview last month, Nara(22), JiYoo, SaeMi, Peach (20), AhJi(19), BoReum(18), and SooI(17) answered confidently, “Our goal is to be like SNSD” in response to the question ‘Who is your current rival?’. They continued “Our goal is to also become Asia’s top girl group.”

However, because they sounded a little too confident while making the statement, they had received some negative comments after that. Recently, Chi Chi had an interview with Star News and during the interview, they gave explanation on what they actually meant in their previous interview.

Chi Chi’s members explained, “We respect our seniors, SNSD and that was why we mentioned that we hope to be like them. We also said that we want to be loved by everyone, regardless of sex and age, just like SNSD.”

With a smiling face, JiYoo said, “SNSD are our role models and we would like to show our respect for them”.

Nara added, “SNSD are not only the top idol group in Korea, but also in Asia. They are role models to us who are lacking in many areas.”

Likewise, SaeMi explained, “SNSD, who are not only the best in Korea but also in Asia, are our idols. We want to be like that too”.

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