Girls’ Generation: Not Our Real Rival

In their latest interview with Star News, the seven members of rookie girl group CHI CHI expressed their admiration for senior SNSD.

Late March, the girls were asked whether they had a girl group that they thought of as their rivals during their debut showcase. They had answered,

Our goal is to overtake the nation’s best girl group, SNSD. Becoming Asia’s best girl group is also another goal of ours. We believe our strong point is performing unique music.

Unfortunately, that statement came with consequences. The girls were the target of criticism for their over-ambitious goals so early in their careers.

CHI CHI took the interview as an opportunity to express what they had truly meant by explaining, “When we said that we wanted to overtake SNSD, we meant it as a form of respect. We want to become a girl group that receives love from males and females of all age groups.

Ji-u continued, “SNSD is our role model and seniors that we respect and want to become like,” while Nara added, “SNSD is the best girl group in not only Korea, but all of Asia. As we still have many things that we lack, they are like our role models.

Semi stated, “SNSD is our idol. They’re always working hard to become the top, and we, too, want to reach that status as well.

Even though they’ve chosen SNSD as their role models, the girls expressed a sense of pride over the music they wish to pursue. CHI CHI debuted as an electronic house group with their track, “Don’t Play Around.

Su-i explained, “The strongest point for CHI CHI is that we perform unique music for a girl group. Even though the public isn’t familiar with our members individually, they’re familiar with ‘Don’t Play Around.’

Nara stated,
Our music is positive in that it’s not convoluted, but still maintains an addictive quality. We hope to continue presenting such refreshing music and hopefully win a rookie award at the year-end.
CHI CHI will be promoting “Don’t Play Around” until the end of this month and will make their official comeback in May with a new track.

They concluded, “Our song to be released this May is a lot more melodious than ‘Don’t Play Around.’ We’re already looking forward to our next promotion cycle!

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