Girls’ Generation: A Private Holiday

SM Entertainment recently surprised the members of Girls’ Generation by renting out a private holiday home in Kyungkido for two days in order to allow the girls to rest. The girls stayed at the home without the presence of managers or bodyguards, making the two days a fully private get-together. In addition to complete privacy, SM Entertainment also provided food and drinks for all 9 members. With the girls making a strong charge into the Japanese market with ‘Run Devil Run/MR. TAXI’ as well as their numerous appearances on variety shows and commercials, their schedule has been understandably busy. A source from SM said that “The members of Girls’ Generation have an average age of 21.5 years, so they want to have fun. They were given this opportunity since they cannot truly have fun due to the fact that they are in the spotlight.”

Entertainment agencies think that surprise presents, like Girls’ Generation’s surprise get-together, are the best thing to give idols. One source from a major entertainment agency said, “Pre-arranged end-of-the-year bonuses and performance-related bonuses do not motivate idols that much. However, giving them surprise presents move their hearts deeply.”

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